Reparation Gearbox BMW

Overhaul BMW gearboxes

This also makes your BMW drive more economically and it is better for the engine, which now has much less wear because it will now run a lot less rpm. Especially nice for the LPG drivers among us. Because these older BMWs have a mechanical odometer drive in the three-speed automatic transmission.

We will convert this kilometer indication to electronic. An electronic odometer clock will then be installed in your existing original cockpit. You will keep the original odometer plate so you won’t notice that there is an electronic odometer behind it, so it will keep its original appearance. This is a complete conversion from 3-speed automatic gearbox to a 4-speed automatic gearbox, for all M10 M20 and M30 engines.

From manual to 4-speed automatic transmission is of course also possible. And conversion from 4-speed to 5-speed is also possible. If you are interested, send an email for all your questions.

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